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I love the colors green and yellow, the smell of clean laundry, wearing heels, spending quality time with the people that I love, and, of course, Jesus.



ECHO Capital Group by Truf

Echo is an Investment Firm for Millennial entrepreneurs in the CPG space. They wanted a brand identity that reflected their forward-thinking edge while maintaining a very professional image. Simple shapes and unique colors create the repeating ECHO letterforms in the name, while the circles and squares lend themselves naturally to a system of patterns and icons. The clean-lined Avant-garde feeling stays away from “echo cliches” and establishes their distinctive presence in the financial industry. The responsive website utilizes scroll activated HTML5 animations and immersive, entrepreneurial imagery.

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Alamo Branding & Interior by Noem9 Studio

Álamo (Poplar) is a bar specialised in tapas and sandwiches in the city of Zaragoza, Spain. The joy of tasty homemade food with natural ingredients accompanied by the idea of creating a warm and homelike space is the main focus of Álamo - Bar & Tapería.

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